Monday, December 18, 2006

Mike is at it again, have a look!

Since my building is at a stand still because of work interfearing with my play time, I have decided to share Mike Yanosky's newest build, the spit!

Here it is...

Master SPAD builder Mike has done it yet again! Nice job Mike!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Month of illness

November was a month of illness. Between my wife and myself someone was sick the whole month. Things seem to be getting back to normal now. I am still fighting the end of a cold and my wife is still fighting some thyroid issues. They are not as bad as they were, but still some things for her to get through. Thanks to everyone that keeps checking in! Sorry for the lack of updates, but maybe we can change that some here in December!

Take care all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hey! Looks like combat is in my future!

It would appear as though Mike really wants to combat bad! The above red version of his combat plane he built for me! Geez Mike, now Don needs one!

Can't wait to get my gear in her and see what she can do! Thanks Mike!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Combat anyone?

mike yanosky of our club built this 36 inch wingspan combat plane. seems he now has to build one or two more so he has someone to fly against! lol! as you can see, another A1 plane by mike! when is mine going to be done mike?!

Monday, September 25, 2006

busy busy busy

I can not believe how busy we have been! Geesh, I have not flown in what seems like forever! On top of that my daughter got married this past weekend! So much going on.. hope it slows down soon!

Here is my daughter Alishia and my son Tim. Alishia asked Tim to be in her wedding. It was nice to see them getting along. They where not super close growing up. But recently they have gotten a lot closer. It is nice :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bob O'Conner memorial

As mentioned in the last post, we where asked to build a memorial that will be located in a cancer/lymphoma center in Pittsburgh, PA. Also I said in my last post that I would try to put up a picture or two. Well here they are.... the completed piece and a closeup of the pedestal...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flight time!

I was able to fly last few days. Ran about 11 tanks out of the FX-Cirrus now that I have Roberts original Thundertiger Pro 36 installed. Flys fast and is a bunch of fun. On my 5th tank today, I was making my last landing and I cut the approach to wide and clipped the top of a 30 foot pine. She went in hard and made one heck of a sound. Beside breaking the prop, it broke all 4 wing bolts and both gear bolts. Other than that there is not even a scratch on the plane. And of course I only had 4 bolts of the 6 I needed or I could have tossed on a new prop and flew again. Man I love SPADs!!!

Anyway, off to the HB shop tomorrow for some bolts.

Have been working on a big project for my wifes company ( so my time next few days will be limited once again. We where asked to build a memorial out of steel for the late Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bob O'Conner. Bob passed away suddenly with a rare form of brain cancer. We where honored when we were asked to create the piece. When we have the piece completed I will try to post a picture of it here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back and Busy

Will I have been back from vacation for awhile now. But have been very busy. Today was the first I made it to the field in a good while. Had some engine trouble so I was unable to fly. But fellow flyer Don showed up with his cloud dancer and I enjoyed watching him scream thru the air! I think I can see the light at the end of the current work tunnel. I should be able to post more often soon.

BTW, the plane I took was the FX-Cirrus. Finally got all the linkage in and an old os 40 installed. Turns out the os 40 needs rebuilt, or at the very least cleaned up. Will try to mount the TT 36 on the Cirrus this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On vacation

Will be away until August 23rd. Wife and I are traveling to Manitoulin Island in Ontario. Updates when I get back!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The FX Cirrus

Work has begun to get the FX-Cirrus pictured above flight ready. The wing shown mounted actually had a broken spar. That was fixed this evening. In addition, a new dark blue elevator was cut and control horn was mounted. Robert, the guy I bought the plane from, had an extra light blue wing and elevator. I will be keeping those as spares.

This plane will have an OS 40 FP mounted to the nose. Will keep you posted.

The Blue Devil (Demon) has also had some recent work done to it. The wing is now bolt on and has some extra reinforcement added to it. Mike from the club folded his demon wing on a hard landing. Mind you, that was with the gear mounted in the wing. Since mine is now mounted in the wing, he suggested the reinforcement.

So many projects, so little time (sigh)...

More flying today...

Got in 4 more flights today on the Easy Goer! That is a total of 8 flights with 3 deadstick landings on the field! I am getting better at deadsticking :) Special thanks to fellow flyer Mike for getting my TT 40 tuned correctly. The Easy Goer seems to be slightly under powered with the 40. But, it flies great as a trainer and the landings are floats! She just really floats nice!

Afternoon was fantastic for flying! Although there was some strong wind at times, the Easy Goer flies with no bad tendencies. Got a lot of comments at the field on how well she is built and flies!

Until next time....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flight of the Easy Goer

Well this past Sunday I was finally able to fly one of my new planes. The photo above shows the Easy Goer with the dihedral wing mounted. Flew the plane with that wing first. Wind was about 8-10 mph and the day was very hot. I am guessing mid 90's. I have mounted on the Easy Goer a Thunder Tiger 40. I had bought this engine off of ebay and this was my first attempt at starting it. Fortunately, it started easy but was a pain in my behind to get adjusted right. After almost an hour of messing around I finally had it running well enough to fly. Still needs some fine tuning but it worked for now.

The Easy Goer with the dihedral wing flew well. Fairly stable. That was after I cart wheeled it 3 times on take off. Seems my trims were way off! LOL Thank god it is a SPAD! Anyway, after two flights I put on the straight wing. Much faster and I liked the handling even better. So much so I ran 3 more tanks out of her. Was very fun to fly. The 40 with a 10 x 6 prop pulled her around at a reasonable speed. Can not wait to fly her again! Oh, and have the engine tuned correctly!

I have included the FX-Hobbies web site in the links section on the right side of this page. Go and check out their planes!

Monday, July 24, 2006

New additions to the fleet!

Bought a guy out in Nashville, TN a few weeks ago. All his planes are from . They are very well built and should be cool to fly! If you are not a builder but want a SPAD, check them out! Owner of FX-Hobbies is Frank and he is a super nice guy! More on these planes as I get a chance to fly them!

Demon Landing Gear

Finally some work on this bird! Many thanks to fellow flyer Mike for adding the landing gear to my wing!! As you can see it now also has the engine mount installed. Now I can get at the tail feathers and add the radio gear! Thanks again Mike!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spadworld back online! appears to be back up and running! Hope they have no further issues!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just read on RCuniverse that that are moving the site to a new server! Hope it dont take to long I may go through withdrawl. :)

What's up with

Not sure what is up with today. The site appears to be down at the moment. If anyone knows, post a comment! Hope they are back online soon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Been rather busy...

Work has taken most of my time leaving little to build. I need to order a few things yet for my demon and I can get her together. Since I dont have much to update and no photos of my own, I thought I would share Mikes new P51 "old yellow" as he calls it. Here are the photos...

She is just about done and I suspect Mike will be doing a maiden very soon. This P51 comes in 1 pound lighter than the last one he built (see farther down the page or archives for June). She should scream through the sky!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Demon canopy painted...

Had my father paint my canopy. He is 80 and got a kick out of me asking. I think he did a good job. Flash from camera makes it look more white than what it does in person. I am getting closer Mike!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

SPADStang videos

And here are links to some video of the SPADStang. These where shot with a digital camera and are not that great. (right click and "save target as" if you want to save them)

First takeoff 3.4mb
Second takeoff 11.2mb
Fly by #1 1.35mb
Fly by #2 1.37mb
Fly over 4.76mb
Final landing 14.5mb
Mike as a pro builder and has done a fantastic job on his SPADStang! I think he said something about the Spitefire next, or was it the Mig 7? Nice work Mike!


Mike Yanoski from our club built a SPADStang from plans found at spadtothebone. Mike emailed me the following specs...

"Specs, built to the plans on spadtothebone, powered by a OS la 46 with 11x7 prop "

Here are the photos...

Look at the happy builder/pilot! LOL

Demon update...

Here are a few photos of the blue demon. I have some painting to do on the canopy yet to make it look more like a warplane canopy. Then it is time to install hardware and get this baby flight ready!

Buhor crash update...

Well I am lucky. I stripped out one servo, a very old servo I was using as my throttle. My camera still works!! Case got broke, ejected my memory card on impact, still, all works! Little road rash :) As for the engine, I have not fired it up but I am pretty certain after my inspection and cleaning it up, the ol' 40 should be fine. Got my receiver fixed already, just needs range tested yet. Faired better than I thought I would. :)

Last flight of the Buhor

The Buhor 25+ was flying nice Saturday and Sunday. On my 5th flight on Sunday, the nice flying stopped. My Buhor AP plane went lawn dart in from about 300 feet. Broke the prop, bent the fuse, tore the antenna wire from the receiver, bent the landing gear, tore the rudder half off, tore a alerion half off, put a small split in the wing and broke the camera case. Not sure if the servos are ok or not. Have had no time to test them yet. Camera powers on but will not snap a shot. Will check wiring and see if I can correct the problem.

Here are the last photos the Buhor took. Was hazy and hot, but had a great day before the crash :)

And here is a shot of the plane. Can not see all the damage real well from this photo, but it is there, trust me. I told my buddy Mike that was it for the Buhor. Well, went to lowes and bought a new fuse... sigh, I guess I will rebuild her. Need to cut new tail feathers as well, the ones that was on had some warp. Should have it back up before the weekend.

Friday, June 16, 2006

“The Shark” by Roger Gagnon
Reviewed by Rick Page

My RC flying had been electrics for the last few years. Up until a few months ago my favorite thing to fly was a little 20 inch electric wing from EdgeRC called a Pocket-250. The little thing could do about 60 mph when it was flying at it’s peak.

About 99% of our club flys glow and one guy flys almost all SPAD’s. After seeing his builds and how cool they where, I had to have one. I first built a Buhor 25 from plans I got at spadtothebone this past spring. It is a great trainer and I currently use it as my glow AP platform.

With one SPAD built and flying I had to have another. While searching ebay for engines and parts I happened to do a search for SPAD’s and up popped “The Shark”. A 3 pound coroplast (SPAD) flying wing! Now we are talking! I had just bid on a os max .25 engine and it would work great on the shark!

The shark is sold as an ARF. As I mentioned it weighs in at about 3 pounds. I purchased the 36 inch wingspan version. There is also a 40 inch version. The wing is constructed from 2mm coroplast with 4mm winglets and fins. The center fuselage is made from 2.5 x 2.5 inch plastic downspout. The shark comes with engine mount, fuel tank, firewall with blind nuts and control rods. It comes in a variety of colors, white, yellow, blue, red and grey.

The instructions that came with the Shark amount to one page of text and one page of pictures. Putting together my shark took me about 2 hours (I am rather slow, I think it could be done faster). The text is very straight forward and the photos where a help. I have to say that installing everything was super easy! The CG was spot on with the installed radio gear. The instructions call for 2 – 2 3/8 from the LE. I was at just about 2 1/8th. The wing is balanced inverted with no fuel.

When I installed my elevon control rods I used a straight edge on the bottom of the wing and set my elevons to be level with the bottom. This gave me a slight amount of up elevon. I was ready to try my Shark out.

The big day came and I took my gear and headed to the field. One of the guys was there (the spad guy) to witness my flight. After some engine adjustments I was ready to give her a toss. You hold the Shark by the top of the fuselage and give her full throttle. As recommended you must gave her an underhanded toss out and up. I walked over to the edge of some very tall grass, throttled up and gave her my best toss. The shark dipped ever so slightly and then just climbed like a rocket! Had to give her a few clicks of down and she was flying like an arrow!

Wow is this wing fun! Throws should be set to about ½”. Mine are set a bit larger so she is pretty sensitive. But man is the Shark a blast!

Landings can be pretty hot. She glides fairly well though and I landed her without much trouble. One thing about landing the Shark, there are no landing gears so you must not land under power. Also, set the prop so it goes horizontal when the engine shuts off. Keeps you from breaking them. Mine was a bit off and on my second landing I did break a prop. But that was my own fault and it has not happened since.

I bought a white wing, it gave me a nice blank canvas to put stickers all over, but it also made it dang near invisible at times! Keep in mind that a flying wing has a thin profile and it can be hard to see at times. I need to add some more color to mine! The stripes help but I need a bit more.

To sum up, fantastic! The Shark is well built, tough and flys like it is on rails! Great plane and well worth the money!

The Shark can be found on ebay by searching “Spad Shark”. At the time of this review the 36” is $45 plus shipping and the 40” is $49 plus shipping.

Next thing to do with my Shark, put a 40 or 46 on it! Wow!

I am in no way affiliated with or work for Roger Gagnon. This is an independent review done by me. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Demon Canopy Build

And now the start of the demon canopy. I decided to make the canopy out of foam. I have done a fair amount of foam building in the past and feel pretty comfortable working it into shape.

Here you see the canopy roughed out with a hot wire.

After 5 minutes of sanding with a 3M foam sanding block.

After 30 more minutes of sanding and shaping it is just about what I want. Thought I would see how it looked on the plane.

And to finish the night off I brushed on my first coats of water based polycrylic by MINWAX.

From here I will sand and then apply more polycrylic. I will do this a few times before I prime and paint the canopy. My reason for doing this is two fold. First, I will achieve a nice finish. And second, it will protect the foam from melting when I apply the spray based paint. More photos once I have it primed and painted!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little more AP today...

Was a cloudy day and looked like rain. Had some nice flights with the Buhor 25. The camera I am using is not very great and in low light it is really bad. This is one of those bad days. In any case, here is one shot that turned out ok. This is looking west from our field. I adjusted the camera some and now the wing is showing in the shot. Will adjust again next flight and remove that :)

I have a feeling at some point I am going to be using this setup to locate someones downed plane. Having a laptop at the field would allow that to be done.

More on the demon build by the weekend. Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Demon wing almost done!

Well as you can see by the following pictures my demon wing is almost done. Just have to glue up the ends yet, which I will do tonight. Included a shot of the wing with the fuselage. I also have the tail feathers cut (no picture) and I need to make a hatch cover/canopy.

These wings are so simple to make!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Made it to the field today!

Well I made it to the field today and got a few flights in. Took awhile to get the engine tuned right. And I dont think it is right on, but well enough to fly. Here are some of the images I took...

I know that they are sorta boring, but I am excited that I am getting some shots and this SPAD is flying well. Photos of our grass field and a few of Somerset, PA. More to come now that I am back in the flying game!

Should be able to get back to building this week.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Progress is slow...

I have been rather busy last few days. I did manage however to get my wing folded and the spars glued in place. With some luck I will get the rest of the wing done before the weekend.

My parts shipped today to fix my needle valve on my Buhor! Not being able to fly a Radio Controlled airplane has been driving me nuts! Guess I need to get an electric on standby for these times :) Anyway, with some luck I should have my parts by the weekend.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bummer :(

It would seem when I lawn darted my spad I broke the safety needle valve. Sucks! Oh well, my spad is grounded until I order some parts. We had a storm early this evening, right after it got dead calm! I am bummed...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The aerial photos

Here are the aerial photos taken from my Buhor 25. The one which shows our small field (and my white truck) was taken a few days ago. The other two where taken on the flight right before I lawn darted the Buhor 25. Not bad photos from a gaser spad with a cheapo 1.3 camera! Fun stuff!

Buhor 25+, my first SPAD

The Buhor 25 is my first SPAD. Plans can be found here Spadtothebone

Photo's of plane in the grass where taken today. The nice landing photo's of the red oak runway where taken a few days ago. Was my maiden flight and all was going well, or so I thought. Ended up over the trees and one thing lead to another and I managed to land her in a red oak tree... 60+ feet off the round. The long and short of it is, I have a friend that loves trees and has tree spikes. He climbed and then lowered her down with a rope. Poped one control rod and that was about it. Took all of a few minutes to fix and then it was back to flying!

Todays flying was short and not so sweet. First flight was nice... winds where pretty high but the Buhor with the os .40 la flew nice! Took a few photos which I am including. Second flight was ended rather soon, and badly. Took off, banked a bit right to get me headon into the wind, climbed to about 175 feet. Had an alerion control arm fail. Went into a death spiral and thought I had it recovered about 20 feet off the ground. NOT, it lawn darted into the soft ground breaking the prop, blowing all the wing rubbers and breaking loose two servos. Looked like a big mess.

But is is a SPAD!!! Less than an hour when I got home I had her flight ready minus the prop. Will pick a few of them up after work! man I love these SPADS!