Friday, June 16, 2006

Demon Canopy Build

And now the start of the demon canopy. I decided to make the canopy out of foam. I have done a fair amount of foam building in the past and feel pretty comfortable working it into shape.

Here you see the canopy roughed out with a hot wire.

After 5 minutes of sanding with a 3M foam sanding block.

After 30 more minutes of sanding and shaping it is just about what I want. Thought I would see how it looked on the plane.

And to finish the night off I brushed on my first coats of water based polycrylic by MINWAX.

From here I will sand and then apply more polycrylic. I will do this a few times before I prime and paint the canopy. My reason for doing this is two fold. First, I will achieve a nice finish. And second, it will protect the foam from melting when I apply the spray based paint. More photos once I have it primed and painted!

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