Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gary's Corsair Plans Added!

With permission from Gary himself I have added Gary's Corsair plans! Gary sent me an email and offered some additional info on this bird. Here is the email:
Feel free to use those plans and instructions any way you want. I haven't updated those plans at all. The elevator and rudder are regular plastic push rods and the ailerons are dual HS81's mounted in wings. The coro firewall is a real weak point so if I made any more they'll have a 1/4 ply firewall capping the 4mm coro forward fuse. The 4mm fuselage is wrapped around a 3/8" square cutting board ring that's glued to the coro and butts up against the back of the firewall. The firewall screws into the ring and is removeable for quick field repairs. Tank leaks are common after a bad crash. I have 4 of those Corsairs hanging in my laundry room ready for the 2008 combat season. It isn't as fast as the inline engine fighters the other guys have but it turns and loops on a dime at full throttle without snapping out.
I still have the original production model from 5 yrs ago. It spun into a perfect landing once after the wing failed.


If you build this bird send me a photo and I will post it on the blog! Send it to rpage at shol dot com


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Download Section Added!

You will notice I added a download section! I will put hard to find plans for download as I run onto them. I will be adding Gary's Corsair plans very soon! Right click on the link and do a "save target as".