Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flight time!

I was able to fly last few days. Ran about 11 tanks out of the FX-Cirrus now that I have Roberts original Thundertiger Pro 36 installed. Flys fast and is a bunch of fun. On my 5th tank today, I was making my last landing and I cut the approach to wide and clipped the top of a 30 foot pine. She went in hard and made one heck of a sound. Beside breaking the prop, it broke all 4 wing bolts and both gear bolts. Other than that there is not even a scratch on the plane. And of course I only had 4 bolts of the 6 I needed or I could have tossed on a new prop and flew again. Man I love SPADs!!!

Anyway, off to the HB shop tomorrow for some bolts.

Have been working on a big project for my wifes company ( so my time next few days will be limited once again. We where asked to build a memorial out of steel for the late Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bob O'Conner. Bob passed away suddenly with a rare form of brain cancer. We where honored when we were asked to create the piece. When we have the piece completed I will try to post a picture of it here.

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