Sunday, June 18, 2006

Last flight of the Buhor

The Buhor 25+ was flying nice Saturday and Sunday. On my 5th flight on Sunday, the nice flying stopped. My Buhor AP plane went lawn dart in from about 300 feet. Broke the prop, bent the fuse, tore the antenna wire from the receiver, bent the landing gear, tore the rudder half off, tore a alerion half off, put a small split in the wing and broke the camera case. Not sure if the servos are ok or not. Have had no time to test them yet. Camera powers on but will not snap a shot. Will check wiring and see if I can correct the problem.

Here are the last photos the Buhor took. Was hazy and hot, but had a great day before the crash :)

And here is a shot of the plane. Can not see all the damage real well from this photo, but it is there, trust me. I told my buddy Mike that was it for the Buhor. Well, went to lowes and bought a new fuse... sigh, I guess I will rebuild her. Need to cut new tail feathers as well, the ones that was on had some warp. Should have it back up before the weekend.

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