Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flight of the Easy Goer

Well this past Sunday I was finally able to fly one of my new planes. The photo above shows the Easy Goer with the dihedral wing mounted. Flew the plane with that wing first. Wind was about 8-10 mph and the day was very hot. I am guessing mid 90's. I have mounted on the Easy Goer a Thunder Tiger 40. I had bought this engine off of ebay and this was my first attempt at starting it. Fortunately, it started easy but was a pain in my behind to get adjusted right. After almost an hour of messing around I finally had it running well enough to fly. Still needs some fine tuning but it worked for now.

The Easy Goer with the dihedral wing flew well. Fairly stable. That was after I cart wheeled it 3 times on take off. Seems my trims were way off! LOL Thank god it is a SPAD! Anyway, after two flights I put on the straight wing. Much faster and I liked the handling even better. So much so I ran 3 more tanks out of her. Was very fun to fly. The 40 with a 10 x 6 prop pulled her around at a reasonable speed. Can not wait to fly her again! Oh, and have the engine tuned correctly!

I have included the FX-Hobbies web site in the links section on the right side of this page. Go and check out their planes!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got one up in the air!

Rick Page said...

Yeah! It is a fun one to fly! Frank does a great job making these planes!

Anonymous said...

I know those used to be mine LOL :-)